Setting up our SSL VPN service on your Mac should take less than 5 minutes with these step-by-step instructions.

These instructions are valid for all recent versions of macOS (and OS X) systems. Remember you need an existing internet connection to connect to My Private Network.

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Make sure your system is connected to the internet

Make sure your system is connected to the internet and that you are able to browse the web. To check your location, please go to our IP Info page, or alternatively go to our homepage and scroll down to this section:

check your current IP Address

This shows the IP Address and country that you are currently connecting from, in this example, the user is connecting from Singapore.

Download Tunnelblick

Tunnelblick is an open source software tool that creates a SSL VPN connection to our servers.

Please download the Tunnelblick installer from the link below and save it on your Desktop.

Download Tunnelblick

Download Configuration file(s)

Please choose your configuration from the table below, click on Download and save it on your Desktop, i.e. if you have a USA subscription, click on the USA download link.

Note: If you’re having problems downloading, use CTRL+Click on the link (i.e. hold down the CTRL key whilst clicking on the link) and choose Save/Download Linked File As to the Desktop.


Country 3 Letter Code (ISO/UN) Server Name
Globe icon Global Global Download
Great Britian flag Great Britain GBR Download
United States flag United States USA Download
Ireland flag Ireland IRL Download
Netherland flag Holland NLD Download
Canada flag Canada CAN Download
Czech-Republic flag Czech Republic CZE Download
Australia flag Australia AUS Download
Denmark flag Germany DEU Download
Luxembourg flag Luxembourg LUX Download
Switzerland flag Switzerland CHE Download
Spain flag Spain ESP Download
Russia flag Russia RUS Download
France flag France FRA Download
Malaysia flag Malaysia MYS Download
Singapore flag Singapore SGP Download
Italy flag Italy ITA Download
New Zealand flag New Zealand NZL Download
Japan flag Japan JPN Download
Sweden flag Sweden SWE Download
Egypt flag Egypt EGY Download
Denmark flag Denmark DNK Download
Brazil flag Brazil BRA Download
Argentina flag Argentina ARG Download
Norway flag Norway NOR Download
Belgium flag Belgium BEL Download
Mexico flag Mexico MEX Download
Poland flag Poland POL Download
South Africa flag South Africa ZAF Download
India flag India IND Download
 Saudi Arabia flag Saudi Arabia SAU Download
 Hong Kong flag Hong Kong HKG Download
 Pakistan flag Pakistan PAK Download
 Estonia flag Estonia EST Download
 Portugal flag Portugal PRT Download
 Indonesia flag Indonesia IDN Download
 Taiwan flag Taiwan TWN Download
 Philippines flag Philippines PHL Download
 Ukraine flag Ukraine UKR Download
 Finland flag Finland FIN Download
 Austria flag Austria AUT Download
 Israel flag Israel ISR Download
 Romania flag Romania ROU Download
 Iceland flag Iceland ISL Download
 Hungary flag Hungary HUN Download

Installing TunnelBlick

Now that you’ve downloaded both Tunnelblick and the configuration file(s), you need to install the Tunnelblick first into your system. To do so, locate the Installer .dmg image file, i.e. on your Desktop. Double click on that file and Finder will show a new window. Next, double click the Tunnelblick icon.

Note: If Finder doesn’t show the new window, please navigate manually by clicking on the GO icon on your taskbar and choose Computer or Home. You should now able to find the Tunnelblick installer mounted under devices at the left panel of the finder window.


When you see the security warning, select Open.



Tunnelblick needs special permission to install. When prompted please enter your computer’s credentials, this is the administration Username and Password on your Mac and not related to your account with us and select OK.



Once the Tunnelblick application Installation succeeded, you will be able to see a notification popped up at the top right of your taskbar.



Note: If you are getting any errors or having problems with installing Tunnelblick, please ensure any older version of Tunnelblick is removed from your system. To do so, you will need to completely uninstall any previous traces of Tunnelblick by following our Knowledge Base article below:

How to Uninstall Tunnelblick

At this point, if any new update is released, Tunnelblick will prompt you automatically. Just proceed with the on-screen instructions and you may need to enter your local computer password to install the updates. At the New Feature screen, select on Check for a change.


Select Check Automatically for Tunnelblick to check updates automatically.


At the Welcome screen, select I have configuration files.


Next, select on OK at the Add a Configuration window.


Installing configuration file(s)

Next, double click on the configuration file(s) that you’ve downloaded earlier. i.e. MPN USA.ovpn The file should be saved on your Desktop or Downloads folder.

Note: The options here depend on which configuration file(s) you installed in Step 3.


Important: If you’ve downloaded our Global configuration OR the configuration file is not responding when you double clicked on it, please ensure that Tunnelblick application is closed. If you can see the Tunnelblick icon at the top right hand corner of your taskbar, click on it, choose Quit Tunnelblick and try to install the configuration file again.

mac osx yosemite quit tunnelblick

You can either choose to install the configuration for All Users which you’ve set up on your computer or select Only Me.



Note: If you’re trying to install our Global configuration, you should have an additional option called Apply to all. Please tick on it.

It will now prompt you to enter your local computer’s credentials again, this is the administration Username and Password on your Mac and not related to your account with us and select OK.



Once the Tunnelblick configuration Installation succeeded, you will be able to see a notification popped up at the top right of your taskbar.


Connect to our servers

Click on the Tunnelblick icon at your taskbar and select Connect MPN USA for US connections or whichever country you wish to connect to.

Note: The options here depend on which configuration file(s) you installed in Step 3.



You will now be asked for your My Private Network Username and Password, these are the same details that you registered with My Private Network. Enter them and click OK.

Note: Your username is your unique name created under your account with us and NOT your email address.


After a few moments, the Tunnelblick icon should appear dark lit and this indicates that the VPN is connected.


If for any reason, the icon stays grey, click on it again and choose show VPN details. You can then see the reason it failed at the Log button and if necessary send these in to our support desk for assistance.

You are connected

If you now browse our homepage or check your IP address again from the IP Info page, your location should show that you are now in the UK (or which ever country you have connected to).

Note: The server IP address and country name will vary depending on the server or country you are connected to.

Other locations

If you want to connect to any of our other servers, please view our Knowledge Base article on setting up additional connections.

Note: To connect to other countries, you must either have subscribed to our Global Plan or the plan for that particular country.

Any problems?

Unfortunately it doesn’t always go to plan!

If you have any problems or can’t get connected, please email us atThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and try to help.