Privacy Policy

Our commitment to privacy

Your privacy and security are of paramount importance to us. Our privacy policy is detailed below, but if you have any additional queries, please get in touch with us, either though our helpdesk or via email — [email protected]

We do not retain or store any information regarding your internet activity, ie no firewall logs at all.
We do not retain or store any information on the bandwidth you use.
We do not retain or store any of your DNS queries.

Who are we

My Private Network and its associated websites and services are wholly owned and operated by Global Network Services Ltd, a Hong Kong registered company No. 1408262.


Our registered office is:


Global Network Services Ltd
7A China Overseas Building
139 Hennessy Road
Hong Kong

What information do we collect?

We try to collect as little information as possible, but you do need give us a few things so that we can provide our services, they are:

  • A username and password, chosen by you and used to connect to our services.
  • Your email address, so that we can contact you.


In addition to this, we collect certain information automatically when you use our services:

  • If you purchase a service from us, we will record the transaction information against your account. Please note that all payments are processed via 3rd parties, ie PayPal, Stripe, Gate2Shop, BitPay or our banks. We do not hold or store any credit card information ourselves.
  • If you contact us via an email, support request or survey — you may disclose additional information which is also retained.
  • When you connect to our services, we record the time and date of your connection and disconnection. This information is retained for seven days and then purged from our systems.
  • When you use our website(s), we record meta data concerning your connection and the pages you visited.

How do we use your information?

We use your information to:

  • Provide you with the services you have requested
  • Communicate with you concerning our services
  • Manage and monitor our services


With your consent, we may also use your information to send you information on our services including promotions and special offers.


Our legal basis for using your information is as follows:

  • Contractual Necessity: In order to provide you with the services you requested.
  • Legitimate Interest: In order to advise you of issues, updates, news, offers or promotions directly related to our services.

Who will it be shared with?

We will never rent, sell or share your information with any other party, except where your information is required to carry out a process initiated by you directly, ie:

  • Paying us via a third party ( PayPal, Stripe, Gate2Shop, BitPay )
  • Responding to our request for feedback ( TypeForm )
  • Contacting us for assistance ( FreshDesk )

Your information, your choice

You can withdraw consent for our marketing emails and alter any of your information at any time, either by logging in to our client area — or by contacting our support department — [email protected].

Your right to be forgotten

If you would like us to remove your information, just send an email to [email protected] and we will delete your account.


Note: If you have purchased a service from us we have a legal obligation to retain this information, but we will close your account and you will no longer hear from us.

Encrypted Email

If you would like to send us a secure encrypted email, please address is to [email protected]. Our email’s PGP Public Keys are available on most key servers or simple download our Email PGP Public Keys here.

My Private Network Warrant Canary

For an explanation on what exactly is a warrant canary, please see the entry on Wikipedia.

Our current statement is below:

Hash: SHA512

Status: All good
Period: January 1 to December 31, 2024

24th May 2024

Global Network Services Ltd, the owner and operator of the My Private Network VPN service has
not received or been served any warrants and no seaches or seizures of any kind have been
performed on any of our assets anywhere in the world.

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This document will be updated annually, the next update is scheduled for the 31st December 2024.

Jon Gittoes
Global Network Services Ltd




It is signed by [email protected]. You’ll find our warrant canary’s public key on most key servers or simply download our Warrant Canary PGP Public Keys here.


Please also refer to our Terms and Conditions and our Acceptable Use Policy.

Get in touch

If you have any questions at all, drop us an email — [email protected] – we’re here for you.

Changes to our policy

We will amend our privacy policy from time to time, the last update was May 2018.