My Private Network’s MyDNS feature!

Author: | Last updated: July 2, 2018 | Blog | Updates

Good news, folks!
My Private Network has just officially added a new SmartDNS feature! We call this new feature “MyDNS”. In your client area, you will see a tab on the left labeled “MyDNS”. From there, you will be able to get set up with you SmartDNS as well as select the regions you wish to be routed to.


What is SmartDNS?

Our new SmartDNS feature is completely different from our VPN service and can be used for different reasons. With a VPN, you are routing ALL of your internet traffic through our servers. So everywhere you go online, it seems like you are in a different place. However, when you use SmartDNS, you can choose specific sites where you want to seem like you are somewhere else. For example, if you were to use our SmartDNS, you could make it so that only when you visit BBC iPlayer, you wish to appear in the UK. Every other website will know where you really are at except for BBC iPlayer. This feature is really handy when you want to have sites like Facebook, Google, and others to still see your real location but only want specific sites to be tricked.
You will find plenty of support articles for our new SmartDNS feature, but if you have any problems or questions about the new feature, just drop our support team an email!

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