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Hockey World League

Update: 11 December 2017, Monday
A stellar performance from the Aussie side winning the Gold with India clenching on to their well deserved Bronze medal. A wonderful end to the Odisha Hockey World League Finals of 2017! We’ll see you back here next time.

Update: 10 December 2017, Sunday
In a twist of fate or just plain unlucky – both India and Germany in just the space of 24 hours have learnt that no matter how much you prepare for a game, things can go awry in no time. Their last game against each other for the bronze medal will begin today @ 11:15GMT. Next, we’ll have the grand finale with Argentina and Australia @ 14:00GMT for the rights to be crowned the Odisha champions of 2017.

Free stream is available from HotStar (India) and a paid subscription through BT Sport (UK). Check out the instructions below for more information on how to access these sites.

Update: 8 December 2017, Friday
An unexpected win from India beating Belgium in a 4-3 shootout has put them in the run for the Semi Finals. Home favourites, England just misses the ball, losing 2-3 to Argentina which puts them in the losing quarter finalist match against Netherlands starting today @ 11:45GMT. A few hours later, the Semi Final match between Germany and Netherlands will begin @ 14:00GMT. Tomorrow we’ll see another losing quarter finalist match between Belgium and Spain @ 11:45GMT before going into the last Semi Finals match between Australia and Germany @ 14:00GMT.

Update: 6 December 2017, Wednesday
With the Quarter-Finals upon us, today we’ll have Spain v. Australia @ 11:45GMT and Belgium v. India @ 14:00GMT, and tomorrow – Thursday with England v. Argentina @ 11:45GMT and Germany v. Netherlands @ 14:00GMT.

Update: 4 December 2017, Monday
We’re almost through the table with Belgium and Germany leading their pools respectively. Next up today, we have Australia v. England @ 12:00GMT and India v. Germany @ 14:00GMT, and tomorrow – Tuesday with Argentina v. Spain @ 12:00GMT and Belgium v. Netherlands @ 14:00GMT before we enter the Quarter-Finals phase.

Update: 28 November 2017, Tuesday
Kicking off on the 1 December, the Hockey World League Finals will commence with Germany against England at 11:15GMT and Australia against India right after at 14:00GMT.

Update: 17 November 2017, Friday
The Johannesburg Semi-Finals last July has produced a winner: Belgium! As the German captain, Mats Grambusch pushed his team to 2nd place with an exemplary dominance in the midfield – earning him the Best Player award. With Australia and Spain coming in at 3rd and 4th places which qualifies them for the Odisha Hockey World League Finals starting on 1 December, 2017.

The race to qualify for next year’s 2018 Hockey Men’s World Cup continues at Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar. Organised by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), the Hockey World League also serves as the qualifier for the Hockey World Cup.
Scheduled from December 1 to 10, 2017, host nations Argentina, Australia, Belgium, England, Germany, India, Netherlands, and Spain will go head up against each other in this Finals.


Past Years Results

2015 (Champions) – Australia
2015 (Runner-Up) – Belgium
2015 (Third Place) – India

2013 (Champions) – Netherlands
2013 (Runner-Up) – New Zealand
2013 (Third Place) – England


2017 Odisha Hockey World League Finals Schedule (Bhubaneswar)

Live stream starting on 1 December (Friday) at 11:15GMT.
1 December (Friday)
● Germany v. England FT 2-0
● Australia v. India FT 1-1

2 December (Saturday)
● Argentina v. Belgium FT 2-3
● Netherlands v. Spain FT 2-3
● Germany v. Australia FT 2-2
● India v. England FT 2-3

3 December (Sunday)
● Belgium v. Spain FT 5-0
● Netherlands v. Argentina FT 3-3

4 December (Monday)
● Australia v. England FT 2-2
● India v. Germany FT 0-2

5 December (Tuesday)
● Argentina v. Spain FT 1-2
● Belgium v. Netherlands FT 3-0

6 December (Wednesday)
● [Quarter Finals] Spain v. Australia FT 1-4
● [Quarter Finals] Belgium v. India FT 3-3(2-3)

7 December (Thursday)
● [Quarter Finals] England v. Argentina FT 2-3
● [Quarter Finals] Germany v. Netherlands FT 3-3(4-3)

8 December (Friday)
● [7th/8th Place] England v. Netherlands FT 0-1
● [Semi Finals] India v. Argentina FT 0-1

9 December (Saturday)
● [5th/6th Place] Belgium v. Spain FT 1-0
● [Semi Finals] Australia v. Germany FT 3-0

10 December (Sunday)
● [Bronze Medal] India v. Germany FT 2-1
● [Finals] Argentina v. Australia FT 1-2


International Hockey Federation (FIH) Resources

Official Event Page Here.
Full Schedule Here.

BT Sport Resources

Programme Page Here.

HotStar Resources

Programme Page Here.

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Tip: Hockey World League will be airing live from 1 December 2017 on HotStar Hockey. You will see the live stream link available when the game is on.
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Stream the 2017 Hockey World League on BT Sport from outside of the U.K.

1) Head to the BT Sport website or download the BT Sport app on iOS or Android.

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