IOS new MPN VPN App Manager (IKEv2)

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With the release of iOS10 on Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod, Apple has removed PPTP VPN from their list of support VPN protocols.


While it is well known that PPTP VPN isn’t the most secure protocol available, a number of our customers have been connecting to our service via that protocol for years and are unfortunately inconvenienced by its removal.


Because this removal was done by Apple at a system level, we can no longer support PPTP VPN on iOS10 and above.


The good news however, is that we have updated our iOS VPN manager app to support an entirely new VPN protocol called IKEv2. Not only is IKEv2 more secure and stable compared to both the PTPP and L2TP VPN connections that were the only options we supported in the past, but it also allows you to
Connect and Disconnect the VPN without having to leave the app or install additional VPN profiles.


The IKEv2 protocol is very
good at re-establishing a VPN connection which is especially beneficial
for those who are connecting via mobile networks i.e 3G, LTE etc.


If you’re not already using our IKEv2 based VPN app manager, please head to our Get Started page below: 


iPhone: iPhone VPN Manager App


iPad: iPad VPN Manager App


In the event that our VPN Manager app does not work for you, you can always give our L2TP VPN a try by following the instructions in the guide below:


L2TP VPN setup instructions 


Note: The instructions in the link above work for all iOS devices, be it iPhone, iPad or iPod.


Unfortunately not everything goes according to plan, so if you encounter any difficulties with our instructions or the service, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical support team at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to assist further.