Wireless Geolocation vs IP Geolocation

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You might have stumbled upon a site (or similar site) called http://whereamirightnow.com/ where they reveal your physical location even if you have connected to our VPN service and got an IP of the country that you’re connected to. 


This feature was introduced a few years ago and there’s more and more people using this feature. Since the browser runs on your computer, if you allow a certain website’s geolocation feature to access your location settings, information like Wireless Access Points, IP addresses and others would be passed to geolocation service provider that the website uses. The most common one is Google’s Location Services. After that, Google or any other location services will then be able to estimate your physical location. 


Do note that if there’s a website requests for your physical location this way, the browser will ways prompt if you would like to share your physical location with the certain website and you can always block it. 


Most of the websites that we’ve tried so far do not request for any physical location and there is nothing that you should be worried about.