What is DD-WRT and how to use it with our VPN service

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DD-WRT is a Linux-based open source third party firmware for a majority of routers that’s available in the market right now. 


With DD-WRT firmware loaded into your router, you’re able to access to a whole lot of settings that sometimes not included with the default pre-built firmware from the router manufacturer.

On specific version of DD-WRT firmwares, you can set up VPN connection directly on the router so that all of your devices that’s connected to this network will be securely routed through the VPN servers. Devices without native VPN support will greatly benefit from this, such as: 


  • Freesat Set Top Boxes 
  • TV Box (i.e Roku, etc.)
  • Game Consoles (ie PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, etc.) 
  • Internet Radio Players 
  • Network Music Players (i.e. Sonos and Squeezebox / Logitech) 
  • some version of Smart Phones.
  • and pretty much anything else with a network connection…. 


All these features sounds great!


However, flashing DD-WRT (or any third party firmware) will void your router’s warranty.


If you’re interested in flashing your router to DD-WRT, you can refer to the database of supported routers here: 



Once you have flashed DD-WRT onto your router, you can set up our service on it by following the instructions we have prepared in the link below:



Note: We are not affiliated with DD-WRT in any way, and any installation should be done at your own risk.  


Alternatively, you can purchase a router with DD-WRT pre-installed. With a simple search on the Internet you should be able to look for online stores that sells these.


Full details on the DD-WRT project can be found on their website.


If you would like any further information or assistance in setting this up with our service, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you.