Using Airplay or HDMI based media boxes with UK TV

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With the seemingly inevitable move to digital distribution, a great number of media streaming services are put in a worrying position as many streaming devices on the market do not enforce strict media rights protection features.


For example, a number of non-branded Android based media boxes, despite coming with HDMI capabilities, do not include HDCP encryption.


HDCP encryption is an industry standard meant to prevent the recording of copyrighted material.


Without HDCP encryption, anyone using these media boxes can easily connect their box to a recorder and record content directly from the online stream.


As a preventative measure, a number of video streaming services in the UK do not allow streaming via AirPlay or even standard HDMI based Android boxes.


Unfortunately this is a restriction applied on a software level that cannot be bypassed by our service.


For more information on this restriction, please visit the links below:


ITV: Airplay or HDMI support:


All4: DLNA and TV-Out support:


Other services may employ similiar restrictions, but these are the ones we’re aware of.


If you have any further questions regarding these restrictions please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]