Unable to login to Xbox 360 (Error code 80151012)

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We’ve noticed that on some rare occasions, having a Xbox One and Xbox 360 can cause login problems with your Microsoft account.


If you login to the Xbox One often and then switch to the Xbox 360, you might encounter an error which will not allow you to login to your account on the console.


To resolve this, please follow the step by step instructions below:


First of all, on your computer or tablet browser, go to www.xbox.com


Once the site has loaded, please login with your credentials by clicking on the Sign In button located at the top-right hand corner.


Once you have logged in, click on your Avatar/Username located on the top-right hand corner and then click on Xbox Settings.


In the next menu, look for Xbox 360 Profile Protection and click on it.


On the following screen, please look for the line below:


Xbox 360 consoles that don’t require your password at sign-in

Under it, you will see the Xbox 360 you’re currently trying to log in to and an option to Require profile download.


Please click on the option to Require profile download.


Now that you have enabled the option to download your profile, simply return to your Xbox 360 and try to log in again.


You should have no further issues logging in and can continue with using your account on the console.


If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected], and try to include any errors and a full description of the fault.