Supported apps on Apple TV 4

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Unlike the previous versions of Apple TV, such as the Apple TV 3, the Apple TV 4 uses a new operating system called tvOS, which supports apps like the iOS devices, iPad and iPhone.


With the switch to an app based system, this opens up the Apple TV for developers to easily develop new apps on the system and even bring over their existing apps and games from iPad and iPhone to the system.


As a result, we now see many apps that were never available for the Apple TV in the past, such as the BBC iPlayer.


Listed below are a list of apps our services works with that are available on the Apple TV 4. Please note that these apps are region specific, and to download them, you’ll need an Apple ID from the corresponding region, ie. USA Apple ID for USA apps.


If you need to create a new Apple ID, please visit our knowledge base article below:


Changing iTunes account region


The great thing about the Apple TV, or iTunes in general, is that they do not employ any IP address locks, so all you need to do is create an Apple ID from the region you’d like to download an app from and you’re good to go!


List of supported apps on the Apple TV 4: