Setting Google DNS on iOS 11 devices

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Step 1


Choose Settings from the Main Screen.



Step 2


Tap on “Wi-Fi“. Find your Wireless connection which has the tick or checked mark and click on the blue ‘i’ icon.



Step 3


You should now be in your Wi-Fi details page. At the Configure DNS section, tap on Automatic.



Step 4


At the DNS configuration screen, tap on Manual and tap on the red (-) minus icon to remove your existing DNS address.


Note: Your DNS address here might not be the same as shown in the screenshot below:



Step 5


Now, tap on the (+) Add Server and enter the Google DNS servers below:


Once you’re done, tap on Save at top right corner to save the DNS settings.



Step 6


Once you’ve saved the DNS information, tap on the Wi-Fi button at the top left corner to save the settings and go back to the Home screen.




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