OpenElec PPTP Setup on Raspberry Pi 2

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The steps below are tested successfully on a Raspberry Pi 2 running on OpenElec (Kodi) , but should still be relevant on older versions of RPi or OpenElec on other Linux distributions.

Note: These instructions assume you already have a working OpenElec with internet access. If you aren’t sure about anything, just let us know and we will do our best to clarify the steps.

Setting up the VPN

From the main OpenElec menu, scroll left and select System > OpenElec.



Navigate to Network and under Virtual Private Networks, click on Add new VPN configuration.



Click on VPN > VPN Type and select PPTP from the selection menu.



PPTP VPN Configuration

Set up the PPTP configuration as below:



Network Name: MPN GBR

VPN Server:

Username: Your MPN VPN Username

Passphrase: Your MPN Password


Note: If you are trying to connect to another country i.e. USA VPN, please change the description accordingly (ie MPN USA) and change the VPN Server to be


A full list of all our servers can be found in our Knowledge Base Article.


Click on Show Advanced to modify additional settings of the connection and ensure it’s set as per the screenshot below.



Leave the other settings as it is and click on Save to save the connection.

Connecting to the VPN

You should now be returned to the OpenElec settings screen. Go to Connections



Select on the VPN connection that you’ve just created, and click on Connect.