MyDNS slows down my downloads on consoles, how do I fix this?

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Depending on your network structure, there are situations where using MyDNS on your network could drastically slow down downloads on your game consoles. 

This is both frustrating and very inconvenient as it means you’ll need to switch between setting the MyDNS server addresses on your devices when you want to use the service, and removing them when you want to download an app or game.

We’ve noticed that when we use a cheaper or lower end router, our download speeds plummet to about 1/4 of its normal speed. This happens in any situation, whether the MyDNS server addresses are set on the devices themselves, set on the router, or even if the DNS servers are set on both device and router at the same time.

Interestingly, when we switch to a more advanced router, this does not seem to happen. Regardless of where the MyDNS server addresses are set, the download speeds seem to perform as they usual do.

If you happen to be affected by this download slowdown when setting the MyDNS servers on your network or device, please give the suggestions below a try to see if they help:


Use of a single MyDNS server:


Instead of Using both DNS servers shown in your Check MyDNS Setup page, simply use the first DNS server you see and leave the second DNS server on your console as automatic, blank or default.


Give this suggestion a try on either your console or router. 


If your network accepts this DNS change, you will be able to both stream geo-restricted content on your console and at the same time download content from your console’s store without experiencing any slowdown in download speed.


Use of Google DNS:

1) Ensure both MyDNS servers listed in our Check MyDNS Setup page are set on your device/console.

2) Login to your router admin page and change the primary DNS server to Google’s DNS:
Please leave the second DNS server as automatic, default or blank.

3) Save the settings and try a download from your device store.

Your downloads should now go back to their usual speed and at the same time, you should have no problems accessing the services we support. 


Regardless of which suggestion above works for you, you will not have to remove the MyDNS entries on your console everytime you wish to download a game or app.


If you are still having problems, please email us at [email protected], and try to include any errors and a full description of the fault.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.