L2TP Setup on Chromebook

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You can set up our L2TP VPN connection on a Chrome OS system (e.g. Chromebook) following our pictorial instructions that was done on a Chromium OS build as linked below:

L2TP Setup on Chromium OS

Alternatively, you can refer to our step by step instructions listed below:

Setting up the VPN


1 – Sign in to your Chromebook.

2 – Click the status area at the bottom of your screen, where your account picture is located.

3 – Select Settings.

4 – In the “Internet connection” section, click Add connection.

5 – Select Add OpenVPN/L2TP.

6 – In the box that appears, fill in the information as shown below:

7 – Server hostname: GBR.mypn.co

8 – Service name: This can be anything you want to name this connection, for example, “MPN GBR.”

9 – Provider type: Select L2TP/IPsec + Pre-shared key.

10 – Pre-shared key: private

11 – Username : Your MPN username

12 – Password : Your MPN Password

13 – Save these settings and connect

If you want to connect to any of our other servers, you will need to change the server name to the appropriate server, i.e.for our US service, change the server name to USA.mypn.co

Any problems?


Unfortunately it doesn’t always go to plan!


If you have any problems or can’t get connected, please email us at [email protected]. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and try to help.