Is my internet routed via MyTelly service?

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No, is the short answer.


The slightly longer one is no, we only route certain packets for certain web servers. 


Unlike a VPN where all of your traffic is routed through our servers, the MyTelly service only intercepts packets from the supported channels that are location sensitive, i.e. the bits of your connection that are preventing a particular stream from playing in your location. 


The rest of your internet connection is unaffected by our service and goes straight out on to the internet as normal. This is great for streaming as it means we are not involved in the connection and therefore you can use all of the bandwidth available to you.

Note: We do not log any DNS queries or traffic that goes through our servers as our system is not set up to keep log history, so your privacy is assured.

For more details on the MyTelly service and the supported channels, please refer to our article below:

Any Queries?


If you have further queries or require further clarification, please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to your asap.