IPv6 DNS shown on Xbox One

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In one of later updates to the Xbox One, Microsoft added support for IPv6, which unfortunately does not work well with our service as we use IPv4 instead.


To use MyDNS on your Xbox One, you will need to deactivate IPv6 on your local network so the Xbox One reverts to IPv4.


Please note that when connected via IPv6, you will see your DNS address look like the one shown below:




As long as IPv6 is enabled on your network, you will always receive a DNS similiar to the one above in place of any DNS addresses you manually enter into your Xbox One.


You can deactivate IPv6 on your router, which will force all connection transmissions to go through IPv4 which our service supports.


There are many different routers available in the market, so if you’re unsure how to disable IPv6 on your router, please email our technical support staff at [email protected] together with the model and brand of the router you’re currently using and we’ll do our best to assist further.