How to change Android PPTP & L2TP connection country servername

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If you’ve recently changed the plan that you’ve subscribed, it is required for you to change the server that you connect to. 


Note that the instructions below are based on Stock Android. If you’re on other Android variants, for example, TouchWiz (Samsung), Xperia UI (Sony), Optimus UI (LG) and Sense UI (HTC), the instructions might differ slightly.


1 – Go to Settings

2 – Click on More followed by VPN 


3 – Look for the VPN connection that you’ve already set up and click on the gear icon on the right

4 – Change the server address used and click on Save

L2TP VPN connection:



PPTP VPN connection:


You can refer to our webpage in the link below for the list of servers that you can connect to:


Which Countries Can I Connect To?


Unfortunately, it does not always go to plan!

If it does not connect, please try rebooting your Internet router (if you are using one) and also completely power off your device and then switch it back on.

If you continue to have problems or need any further information, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you.