How do I get a Sky Subscription?

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All Sky Satellite subscribers get free access to the Sky Go online service for up to two devices. Sky allows you to change one device per month.

For an additional £5 a month this can be upgraded to Sky Go Extra which allows downloading on mobile devices and an additional 2 devices, bringing the total to 4.

We’re not sure what the actual utilisation figures are for this service, but it’s a fair bet that an awful lot of Sky subscribers are not using their online service, in which case a mutually beneficial arrangement might be possible.

If you don’t have access to a Sky Go subscription, you still have a couple of options:

You can buy a Sky Go only subscription, ie a full Sky subscription just without the satellite dish, for more details see and scroll down to “Find out how to get Sky Go without Sky TV in your home”.

You can try Now TV, which is some of the Sky content, repackaged as an online service, for more details see

Having used our service to access both the Sky offerings for some time now, we find Sky Go to be a much better service than NowTV. Not sure why, as logically they would use the same infrastructure with both, but all we know is that Sky Go streams more reliably and at a higher quality than NowTV.