Do you support 4K HDR video streaming services?

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Yes, our service works great with 4K content, but it also highly depends on the speed of your Internet access. With both our VPN and MyDNS service, you can stream content anywhere from 360p to 4K!


Please note that despite our service fully supporting 4K and HDR based content, this ultimately relies on the streaming service itself supporting the feature.


For a list of streaming services that support 4K HDR streaming, please visit our knowledge base article below:


List of 4K HDR streaming services


If you’re streaming content from a 1080p source, for example, you will only get 1080p content at best. Our service will not upconvert your stream to 4K or HDR.


If you need any further advise on our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]