Do you block or throttle any traffic?

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Yes, I am afraid that we do block some traffic as detailed below:


Email Port 25


We have had to block port 25 which is used by SMTP to send unauthenticated mail, this was due to some of our users using our service to send SPAM email. Whilst we regret this was necessary, we are all for doing everything we can do cut down on the amount of SPAM out there.


If this causes you a problem, please mail our support desk and tell us which ISP you are trying to use, we can usually provide a work around.


Please note, we do NOT block authenticated SMTP, so this can usually be used instead.




We have also had to block all torrents on our servers in the USA, Europe and any other countries that enforce the DMCA. We were forced to do this as our upstream service providers will simply block our servers when we receive a DMCA complaint.


If you wish to use our service to download torrents, you must be connected to our servers in Russia (RUS), Malaysia (MYS) or connect to our torrent cluster. The sharing of copyright protected material is illegal in all of our other countries servers and therefore prohibited by our Acceptable Use Policy.


Note: We do not block or throttle any other traffic on the Paid VPN Plans apart fromt the ones mentioned above.



Free VPN service


There is a bandwidth limit of 1Mbps if you are on our Free Service among other limitations. For further details, have a look at our page here:


If you have any other queries, please send a request to [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you.