Are you trying to rip me off or scam me?

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No, we aren’t. Honest!

Please take a look at some of the feedback users have left on our Guestbook and more importantly the independent review sites like and Facebook. We are in this for the long term, and our only interest is providing an excellent service at a reasonable price and through doing that, gain customers who stay with us for the long term.

If you are still having doubts, then consider that when paying us through a payment gateway like PayPal, you the customer, are able to dispute a transaction many months after it took place. When you do that, the money is immediately removed from our account whilst PayPal investigate and where there is any doubt, they invariably find in favour of the buyer or customer and return the money to you. If that isn’t enough, then the same applies to any credit card payment, you can dispute the transaction many months after it took place and under the credit licensing arrangements, they will reverse the transaction.

Of course, this is just to provide you with peace of mind. If at any point you want a refund, just ask and we will provide it.