FCC To Set Rules To Protect Your Online Privacy

Author: | Last updated: July 2, 2018 | Blog | Privacy
FCC to set new rules on ISPs

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing a new regulations that will help protect your online privacy.
PLEASE NOTE: This relates to only US ISPs.
The ‘Broadband Consumer Privacy Proposal‘ was released on March 10th in attempt to keep Internet Service Providers from selling you online data without your consent. These new rules, which would be a first for Internet Service Providers, would also hold ISPs more accountable for protecting your privacy as well as disclose how and what data they collect from you exactly.
Tom Wheeler, the FCC Chairman, explains that the FCC already limits what your phone company can repurpose and resell with the data that they collect from your phone company – they now intend to do the same with your ISP.  If these new rules were passed, customers would have to “opt-in” to having their data sold from their ISPs to third parties.
Your ISP can already collect an enormous amount of data on you based on your internet traffic. However, you can make sure your browsing is private by simply connecting to your own Virtual Private Network. Connecting to a VPN will encrypt your traffic and make you anonymous to prying eyes on the internet, which makes VPNs one of the best ways to protect your online privacy.





On March 31st, the FCC will release the proposed rules at their open commission meeting in hopes to attract a strong public opinion to fuel its success.

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