Why am I receiving a MyTelly server near me instead of the country I want to connect to?

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Our MyTelly service is configured the same across all of our global servers.


By connecting to a nearby server to your current location, you’ll be receive the most optimal connection between you and the service you intend to connect to.


Please refer to the map below for a visual guide on why this method of connecting is best for you:



In the image above, we’re located in Malaysia (Highlighted in RED), and want to connect to a UK based service (Highlighted in BLUE ).


With a typical VPN connection, your Internet will treat you as being in the UK itself, which means your Internet service goes to the UK and comes back to you in your current location, as indicated by the YELLOW arrow.


This may sometimes significantly reduce your Internet speed as your Internet connection is going through multiple different routes.


MyTelly on the other hand, allows you to connect to a local or nearby server, which drastically reduces any overhead you may encounter during the DNS query. 


In addition to that, MyTelly automatically connects you to the nearest Content Delivery Network to you to provide the best possible video stream with significantly less buffering and faster speeds.


If you need any further clarification on how MyTelly works, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical support team at [email protected]