List of 4K HDR streaming services

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At the time of writing, 4K HDR streaming is just taking off and there are not many services that support this feature yet, however we do know that the services listed below have support for one or both of these technologies:


Netflix (Note: We do not support Netflix region changing. However, your local Netflix will play HDR content without any problems provided you have sufficient speeds on your Internet connection and are subscribed to their Ultra HD plan)

Amazon Video USA

Curiosity Stream




We’ll be on the look out for new 4K streaming services, but for now, these are the most popular ones which (aside from Netflix) are also fully supported by My Private Network VPN and MyDNS.


If you have any 4K streaming site suggestions that are not currently supported by our MyDNS service, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we’ll look into adding them to our service.