BBC iPlayer license changes - 1st September 2016

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As you may be aware, on the 1st September the UK law is changing with regard to the requirement to posses a UK TV License in order to watch on demand content.


In our opinion, this change is relatively minor. Up until now, a TV License has only been required to watch Live content on the BBC iPlayer. As of the 1st September 2016, a license is also required to watch On Demand content, ie a TV License will be required to watch anything on iPlayer. We feel this is minor change as recent figures suggest that only 2% of households in the UK limit their viewing to On Demand content only and therefore did not require a license prior to the change.


Our advice, is that if you wish to access BBC iPlayer content, regardless of your geographic location, you should posses a valid UK TV license. To the best of our knowledge, the BBC is not currently enforcing this in any meaningful way, but that may change.


You can find out more details about the impending change on the following sites –


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and Aunty herself –


If you have any questions or would like further clarification, we will try our best to help – drop us a line, [email protected]