Android TV apps that requires GPS location access

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This page contains a list of Android apps that require GPS location for it to work correctly.


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Please note that our VPN service only spoofs your IP addresses and it cannot modify your devices’ GPS location which is required by some TV apps to work. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be circumvented by any VPN service.


However if you have a rooted/jailbroken device, you can certainly download apps that will allow GPS modification on your device.


Caution: Be warned however, that some apps are designed to stop functioning if it detects that your device is jailbroken. Therefore, we at My Private Network do not recommend that you jailbreak your device as this may cause unintended issues with some apps on your device.


Apps Requiring GPS Location Enabled
Based on our testing, here is the current list of channels that requires your devices’ GPS location to work below:


USA based Apps

  • WWE Network
  • Watch ABC (Live only)
  • CBS All Access (Live only)


UK based Apps

  • TV Player


Note: This list will be continuously updated whenever we find a new app that requires location access. Please note that the channels should work if you are able to bypass the GPS detection, as tested with our rooted devices.


Any Problems?

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