Secure Private Internet Access

Wherever you are in the world, My Private Network can provide you with a safe, secure, private Internet connection to the country of your choice.

This puts control of your Internet experience back into your hands and also gives you an additional layer of security and protection.

Secure Private Internet Access
Great benefits

Great Benefits

  • Unlock blocked programs like Skype
  • Unblock Facebook and other blocked sites like YouTube, Twitter and more
  • Access online gaming services
  • Access other country specific sites including banks and lotteries
  • Added safety and security for online banking
  • Keep your private information private
  • Bypass local internet restrictions and blocks

Why do you need a Virtual Private Network

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The Internet the way you want it

More and more Internet content is now restricted to certain countries, or tailored to the country where you are located. For example, if you are in Poland, the Google site might appear in Polish. That’s fine if you are Polish, but what about if you aren’t? By using our service, YOU decide the country that you appear to be in. This allows to choose your Internet experience, be it British, French, American or any of the 44 countries where we currently have servers.


Reclaim your Privacy

If you are using a public network, whether it’s wireless or cabled, you have no control over who is listening in. Connect to our secure servers and ALL of your traffic is encrypted and therefore useless to all but the most determined eavesdroppers.


Unrestricted Information*

Certain countries restrict access to information on the Internet and these restrictions apply to any Internet connection within the country. However, by connecting to our secure servers, you effectively bypass any local country restrictions. For a list of country specific restrictions take a look at Wikipedia.

*By ‘Unrestricted information’ we mean what is available in the country you are connected to.